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  • What is your normal lead time?

    A. Five weeks is our normal lead time, based on material availability. However in some cases lead times can be improved to meet your requirements. Please call our sales department for details.

  • Do you do injection Molding?

    A. No.

    We only machine plastic components.

  • Do you extrude material?

    A. No.

    We only machine complete parts from metals and plastics.

  • Do you machine metal parts?

    A. Yes.

    Please see our materials page for grades we are most familiar.

  • Do you provide blanket order services?

    A. Yes.

    For special circumstances we are able to produce a large quantity order for a reduced price and store a segment of the order until the rest of the order is needed.

  • Are you hiring?

    A. Yes.

    We are always looking for experienced CNC Machinists to join our team, contact us today!